ANST - Overhead projectors for sale

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ME ME ME........ I'd love one............. How can I get you the money and
pick up the machine?  Would you consider delivering it? Are you coming to
Elfsea Spring Faire? - Lady Arabella de Montacute

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Hey Folks,

Zacaria and I are selling overhead projectors for $40 a piece. They work
fine and are in pretty decent shape. We have used these to blowup
devices for shields and line drawings for banners. You could also do
faux tapestries, maps, and other art projects with them. Most office
supply stores sell transparency plastic that goes in desktop laser and
inkjet printers so you don't even need to go to Kinko's or have your own
transparency machine.

Please e-mail us privately and we'll hold one back for you!

Grace and Peace,

Jovian and Zacaria

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