ANST - Black Star Question

Michael Tucker michaelt at
Mon Apr 9 14:35:47 PDT 2001

Please direct all questions concerning delivery of the Black Star to the SCA
corporate office. That's who prints the labels that get stuck on the Black Star,
that direct the post office where to deliver it. If your subscription lapsed, or
your address has changed, the corporate office is the *only* place that can do
anything about it.

Office of the Registry, SCA, Inc.
PO Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789
(408) 263-9305

If, after talking with them, it seems that your subscription is in order and
your address information is correct, *then* and *only* then you should take up
the matter with your local post office. They can try to help you figure out why
something wasn't delivered to you if it was supposed to be.

Michael Silverhands
Kingdom Chronicler / Ansteorra

Brown Chass wrote:
> Good peoples I was wondering if one of you all could
> tell me whom I need to contact for not recieveing a
> Black Star?
> Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans
> s
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