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Lady Alina Mitchell asked:

> Last night I was watching 'WIVES & DAUGHTERS' on PBS and guess what I
> saw? It was during a ball scene of this 19th century drama that I saw
> them dancing 'HOLE IN THE WALL' step by step by step. I do remember
> being told in dance class that this dance is documented but it's, of
> course, post-SCA period (19th century). But none the less, I was amazed
> and wondered where they found this dance.

There are people who are experts in historical dance, for reasons other than
the SCA.  I have done post-1600 LR and participated in all kinds of dances
appropriate to the time of the group.  The most fun was a science fiction
convention set just before the turn of the previous century, to commemorate
the centennial of the first recognized SF story.  The dance floor included
some very proper Victorian persons (including one set whose clothing was
sewn, skin-out, from camo), Klingons, and everybody in between.  But I

In fact, had you attended the Dallas Opera this season (as do I, and I may
be the only SCA person who does, so I am not saying anything bad about you,
it's just a segue) you would have seen historical and almost-period dancing,
including some very familiar steps, in "Rigoletto."  There was a nice bio of
the choreographer describing her studies in historical dance and her
interest in doing things accurately for the set period of the production.
If you are watching something on TV, check in the credits and see who did
the choreography.

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