ANST - Archery safety issue

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Wed Apr 18 05:47:17 PDT 2001

The current rules allow for both eye protection and ABDs.

We went through this drill last year.  It seems that the chirgeons don't
keep records on type of injuries treated.  More over it also seems that most
folks don't go to a chirgeon when there is an injury.

Those research things have been going on for a while now.  The main problem
is the powers that be have not decided what is the accepteable risk level,
how safe is safe, is.  There is a wide range of things that can be done.

But if the reason for doing it eye safety, all the solutions but one, give
only a partial answer.  Eye protection, if eye injury is the purpose, is the
answer.  Eye protection is already allowed by the rules.

I wonder, will those three folks voluntarilly wear eye protection now, or do
they still don't think it's eeded?

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> I'm just curious, does any kingdom require eye protection now??
> Has anyone looked at the occurrence of eye injuries in general, i.e., no
matter what the cause??
> My opinion is that we should check all the occurrences of injuries that
have occurred and see if they are occurring just during combat archery or at
other times also. If they are only occurring during combat archery, then
let's check out all the options, research the cost and feasibility of the
options, and then make an informed decision. If the injuries are occurring
when there is not combat archery, then let's research options for preventing
those injuries so that they don't happen at anytime.
> Eirik
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