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Wed Apr 18 11:21:06 PDT 2001

I'll take one and the over head projector so I owe you 40 plus 175 now?
 - arabella

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They're bigger! They're tougher! They're meaner! They're opaque
projector! Yay!!!!!!!
And we have them. Opaques are the one you can put books, magazines, or
other non-transparent  materials (even jewelry, artifacts, or 3D
thingies) in and project it on a screen, wall, banner, or cloth.
Come on, you know you want one. Thsi is not the crappy little jobby from
Michaels that only does 2" at a time in TOTAL darkness. These are the
school machines; the big, bluish ones.
Normally $500 we have them for $175, but only 4. We'll take the first 4
orders by the time listed on the e-mail.

Grace and Peace,

Jovian and Zacaria

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