ANST - Archery safety issue

Rhonda New rbnew at
Wed Apr 18 13:22:52 PDT 2001

And what a great strategy this would be! Ansteorra
would win hands-down (by default, of course, because
the opposition would be rolling on the ground laughing
themselves into a stupor).   8->

/Ly Elizabeth Hawkwood
Central Region Archery Marshal

"Mark.S Harris" wrote:

> Charlie Ribron II wrote:
> > This is my opinion, the more you try to prevent on injury the more it
> > happens. Also if you cover an area for one thing you start another ie heat
> > problems due to not letting the skin get air because your covering it.
> > Carlos
> Ah! Then if this is true we can simplify things considerably and
> prevent most injuries. Currently we have all these regulations
> detailing armor, knee protection, kidney protection, neck protection,
> hand protection. Obviously then, since we are trying very hard to
> prevent injury, this is the reason folks somethimes get hurt. Let's
> just try less hard to prevent injuries and they should stop occuring.
> Everyone should go out to battle as the Picts were rumored to do.
> Without anything but a covering of woad. This should also be much
> cooler than that nasty, heavy hot armor.
> And Megan ni Laine de Belle Rive often has imported woad powder
> from Scotland for sale at Pennsic. (see my woad-msg file in
> the Florilegium).
> :-)
> Stefan
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