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Wed Apr 18 23:07:41 PDT 2001

I can see how things can go bad if not forwarned. So to show a sign of
wanting to have fun with everyone Suiko come to Steppes Warlord we are have
several Archier Events and after playing saturday I will have a couple of
mugs of ale for you and I would like to hear some of your war storoes so I
can pass the deeds to others in my travels.
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> My Lords and Ladies,

> I know that these matters are of great import,
> however, there are many newcomers on this list,
> as well as people who are still exploring archery,
> and many may be getting the wrong impression
> by some of the more ardent  posts.

> Please consider and remember that your words
> reach many here in this forum, and remember that
> all of us are guardians of each other's Dream.
> In thoughtful service....
> Larissa

I could go on a rant about people stepping on the "Dream" for others as I
have had it happen to me.  It's very unpleasant to sink three hundred
dollars or more into this as a newbie and then basically get smacked across
the head hard with the equivalent of a 2 by 4 for not knowing something
nobody bothered to tell you.  But I won't rant, I'll just warn.

To all newbies:
Take a good long critical look at this before you jump in.  Especially this
archery debacle.  You can have a lot of fun in the SCA, but it can also be
your worst nightmare.  Think about it first!  If you like what you see, go
ahead and jump.  If you see the equivalent of a "Danger: Rabid Dogs and
Skunks" sign.  You'd be better off finding a new hobby unless you like
batteries of shots for rabies and tomato juice baths to get rid of the

*sound of a can opener opening a can of tomato juice*

In service to my clan,
Suiko of the Scorpion Clan

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