ANST - Fwd: NK - Fwd: [CALONTIR] Note from the Society Marshal about archery

Morgan Cain morgancain at
Thu Apr 19 05:43:11 PDT 2001

>>> Now who was it that said the SEM report had nothing in it about archery?

I did, Gilli, and it didn't.  As you should know by now, he sent a late
addendum last night.  The as-filed-by-deadline (April 1st) report had no
archery action items.  That information is according to the person with whom
I communicated, who read the report in preparation for the meeting this
weekend.  I cannot help it if the SEM amends his report at the last minute
(note, he said "I have just made a ruling....").

                                    ---= Morgan

Sometimes, I have looked back at my behavior and learned
not to make the same mistake twice.  Other times, I have
merely learned to make it again with more style.
                                             ---= Marilyn vos Savant

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