ANST - Re: History Repeats Itself Again and again and again

Debbie Dewart darcy at
Thu Apr 19 06:13:22 PDT 2001

Dux wrote:

 Archers have joined a game that was well established and mature.  It  is
very poor grace to say that if those who were playing that game are now
being injured by the folks who were invited to join, that they should change
their armor to accomodate the addition.

Excuse me.  This implies that combat archery is relatively recent in the
SCA.  I've been playing for 20 years.  and combat archery has been around
for at least that long.  the Ansteorran war arrow is based on the Markland
arrow which is used by another recreation group which has been around almost
as long as we have.  Combat archery has become more popular in recent years
which is way there is now a push to regulate it to death so people won't
want to shoot anymore.


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