Mark.S Harris mark.s.harris at
Thu Apr 19 12:28:17 PDT 2001

gtaylor wrote: 
> Can an unmodified cross-bow actually shoot one of the now-exclusively-legal
> monstrosities accurately?
> It's going to take as long to make the hind end of a bolt, as the front.

And maybe just as important, if a crossbow needs to be modified to
shoot this rearend boffer quarrel, will it still shoot target
quarrels adequately? 

When I bought my crossbow some ten years ago I bought it with a 
drawwieght that would let me shoot combat archery, yet still let
me shoot target archery, although at a disadvantage.

If extensive enough, these changes to the bow/crossbow may make
folks have choose to shoot only one style and give up the other.

This rules change may end up having an effect on target archery as
well as combat archery.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at

Hey, since both ends of the combat quarrel are now the same size,
does these mean getting hit by either end counts as a "kill"?
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