ANST - Cost of modifying arrows

Sluggy! slugmusk at
Thu Apr 19 22:38:33 PDT 2001

Carl Chipman wrote of Gilli's abused ribcage:
> sorry bout the rib dude.  One of the most frustrating things 
> in the world when BREATHING causes pain...

... which would be why I no longer care to jump off the top of a ramp
into a gaggle of spears, land on one, push the Trimarian end of it into
the ground and dangle about on its other end for a bit, pinned to the
wall just beneath the ramp...

Breathing shortly afterward, sleeping that night, packing up and driving
home the next day, looking over my shoulder before changing lanes for
the next month or so all caused pain.

But, hey. At least nothing was broken... :)

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