> Re: ANST - Cost of modifying arrows

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 00:45:00 PDT 2001

Hey Gilli if it gets to hurtting to bad yell at me in
private and i will give ya a herbal that will knock
the pain,

Charinthalis Del Sans
--- Morgan Cain <morgancain at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > sorry bout the rib dude.  One of the most
> frustrating
> > things in the world when BREATHING causes pain...
> >
> > Heal Well,
> >>> Try sneezing.  Oh my gooooooodness
> Sorry to hear you are hurt, Gilli.  Take a leaf from
> those who have had
> abdominal surgery, it might help: Carry a firm
> cushion, and hug it when you
> sneeze, cough, or laugh.  It added a
> counter-pressure and support to the
> injured area.
> Otherwise, breathe shallowly and heal quickly.

Get a taste for religion... Lick a witch.

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