ANST - Is it worth it?? (was - Archery Safety?)

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Mon Apr 23 10:39:35 PDT 2001

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> I talked to Master Richard, and for this to be legit I can't be the one in 
>  charge, because "I" am part of the "official Kingdom" right now as 
>  Princess...
>  So, I am willing to donate a bunch of stuff, some old, some new.
>  I need others to donate, and someone to volunteer....I am hoping Master 
>  Petruccio will consent to be the auctioneer, because he is very good at it 
>  ;).
>  Who will take the reigns for me?
>  Larissa
Your Highness,

I would be glad to do the auctions for you, pending Master Richard's 
approval, or if that is not possible, I also have goodies I would be willing 
to donate.  Either way, I am at your service,

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