ANST - Is it worth it?? (was - Archery Safety?)

Bob Dewart gilli at
Mon Apr 23 13:47:15 PDT 2001

Your Highness, You are pure GOLD.

You and all the all the other good people who have volunteer to help out,
are all pure GOLD.  But Please hold that thought.

All these wonderful offer of assistance was the second bit of good news for
me today.  The first was provided by Lord Eadric Anstapa, the Coastal
Regional Archery Martial.

You see, right now the current approved list of Anti Pentration Devices is
pretty small.  Now, testing is going on in locations all over the known
world to include here in Ansteorra.  The device that Lord Eadric informed me
of this morning is currently in use in the Outlands but is just a little
smaller than new regulation require.  If the "full size" version works as
well as I've heard and is approved, the cost of building a combat arrow will
actually go down some.  But if it doesn't we may be right back were we

It has me excited.  And this is the best I've felt about the whole thing
since the ruckus first started early last year.

So please don't say, "Oh, they don't need us now."  That's not true.  We
always need the support of Great Ansteorran such as Yourself and all those
who pledged to help.  It is such a relief to know, we do have such support
in this Kingdom.  But this is a long ways from being over.  Please, please,
please, don't go away.

A very greatful Gilli,

who needs a tissue.

Here is that website Lord Eadric provided:

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> "Your Highness,
>      You have no idea how hard it has been to avoid some of the obvious
> that this quote begs."
> *giggle*  You know.....I am a blonde *sigh* and do have my moments now
> I?
> *grin*
> Larissa

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