ANST - Chirurgeons and Waterbearers needed

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at
Mon Apr 2 19:29:52 PDT 2001

Buenos Dias to all!

Elfsea's Springfaire is just around the corner.

As Chirurgeon in Charge for the exciting event, I am in desperate need of 
Chirurgeons and Waterbearers.

Chirurgeons: I need your help in shifts. As some of you may have read, my 
lord will be taking my hand in marriage that evening with a torch-light 
tourney to follow. I will not be able to attend to those that are in need of 
help. Lord Caradoc had the wonderful idea of working the Chirurgeons on 
shifts and this is what I would like to do. Depending on how many volunteers 
I get *may* depend on the length of you shift.

Waterbearers: Contrary to some beliefs..this is a **very** important job. 
Our fighters depserately need to your kind smile and you gently urging them 
to drink or to eat some fruit or pickles. You can also make my job and the 
job of other Chirurgeons much easier.

If you would like to help me keep our fighters, archers and participants 
healthy and happy, please e-mail me privately at

maria_elfsea at

Muchas Gracias!!

Lady Maria de Vasquez
Chirurgeon on Charge of Springfaire
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