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Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at
Mon Apr 9 20:29:34 PDT 2001

Hi all,

This is Sara, Star Signet.

HL Borek, who is our Star Principal Herald, and I
would like to announce the creation of a new deputy
herald position, reporting to Tressure and dedicated
to the promotion of the creation of kingdom award

IMPORTANT NOTE: This position does NOT replace the
traditional member of entourage who is usually
appointed to collect and organize insignia for the
Crown. In this reign, that's me; in the next reign it
will be HL Darius of the Bells. Please continue to
turn in your insignia to one of us.

The new position is being created for a year-long
trial period, at the end of which Star Principal
Herald and I will evaluate the effectiveness and
usefulness of the position, and decide whether to
continue it. 

The purpose of the position is as follows:
- To create a single, stable contact point for people
with questions relating to insignia (up til now, the
person responsible for this has changed every reign)
- To encourage and promote on an ongoing basis the
creation of a variety of styles of accurate insignia,
with an emphasis on quality
- To educate the populace about what the requirements
of the various types of insignia are

The duties of the insignia deputy are:
- Travelling/teaching. This may include teaching at a
number of heraldic and/or A&S events.
- Advertising. Informing the populace of which items
of insignia are needed on a regular basis by posting
in the Black Star and/or on the Ansteorra list.
- Creating a handbook. Producing a concise handbook of
the types of awards, their corresponding insignia, and
special things to take into consideration in the
creation of each kind (for example, the length of
ribbon awards - if they are too short, they are
unusable). The handbook should be edited and approved
by Star Principal. Upon completion, it may be printed
and distributed, posted to the web, and/or made
available through the kingdom stock clerk.
- Instructing people about who to turn insignia in to
(Crown or their appointed entourage member). In the
unavoidable event that the insignia deputy receives
insignia from the populace, it is imperative that
he/she turns it over to the Crown in a timely manner.

The insignia deputy is NOT responsible for collection
of insignia, but only for education and promotion. 

We are currently taking applications for this new
position. We are looking for someone who is proactive,
enthusiastic, and able to travel. Send your
applications and proof of membership to Lord Star
(Borek). His contact info can be found in the Black
Star. Please cc your applications to myself
(sarapenrose at and to the Tressure Herald
(Stephen MacThomas - macthomas at

Thank you,
Sara Penrose
Star Signet

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