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Tue Apr 17 05:19:47 PDT 2001

For those who wish to know and make their plans (if you have not already):

> Greetings!
> Please visit the KWHS 2001 webpage at:
> for updated information on classes and registration!
> This year's KWHS is being held in Bloomington, MN, on June 1-3, 2001.
> What is the "Knowne World Heraldic Symposium"?  Why, I'm glad you asked...
> Think RUSH/RUM or Newcomer's Seminar - but all about Heraldry,
> Calligraphy, and Illumination!  Classes, classes, classes!  (and there's a
> pool at the hotel!)
> We will be offering classes for all levels of interest and ability, from
> 'really new' to 'since dirt', and the classes will be taught by folks from
> all over the SCA - not just Northshield or the Middle Kingdom.
> The deadline for the SCA hotel rate is May 2, 2001 - please call the hotel
> (using the local number) to reserve before the block is released!  (did we
> mention there's a pool at the hotel?)
> * If you are planning to come to KWHS, please pre-register using our
> online registration form.  You do not have to pay in advance using the
> form, but please do register!
> * This is especially important for the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
> tour(s) on Friday, which are by pre-paid pre-registrations only!
> * In addition, KWHS 2001 is a testing-ground for the SCA's use of Pay Pal
> (to pre-pay online using a credit card). Please consider paying using Pay
> Pal - your participation and feedback will help the Society Exchequer
> determine if we can use Pay Pal in the future....Be a part of this
> experiment!  I have personally paid using Pay Pal (for the first time,
> even) and found it easy to use and convenient.
> Thanks!
> We now return you to "As the Knowne World Turns"....
> Guenievre du Dragon Vert, CP co-event steward
> GrnJenny at

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