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Wed Apr 18 10:20:23 PDT 2001

Just as an addendum to all this, I've had a private email from someone who has actually read Eringlen's report for this weekend's Board meeting.  (I've been copying Eringlen, but I'm sure he has not gotten to this thread, since he is usually good about replying.)  I was told that there are no action items about archery in the report at all.

So, any assumption that anything anybody has heard about what is supposedly being proposed, or to be implemented, may be pure speculation despite the language I was handed earlier today.  That may be what was floated and is out for review and comment locally (until the end of this month, according to Gilli).

I think people got confused by the fact that the Board meeting is this weekend, and assumed that the proposal would be given to the Board for review and/or action this weekend.  That's not always the case; the proposal would have had to be submitted by the end of last month (the standing deadline for Board meetings is the end of the previous month; I've had to meet it more than once), and that's just too close to Gulf War for any proposal to have been polished unless it was in progress long before the War.

My bet is that anything to be proposed will come up at the July Board Meeting.

So I'm going to drop the subject now, except to repeat that I think people are getting excited without a good reason, and that letters to the Board at this point are just going for naught.  Even if they got a lot of letters in the next twenty-four hours and thought that perhaps something should be done, the letters would be handed to the Society Earl Marshall for consideration.

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