ANST - Warlord

lizdenpeters at lizdenpeters at
Thu Apr 19 22:21:49 PDT 2001

Greeting to all friends of the Steppes,

Warlord is fast approaching and we need prizes for the valiant
contestants.  If you are able to donate to this cause, we ask that you do
so. The gentles of Ansteorra are known far and wide for their generosity.

We thank all who have responded so far.  Your donations of  cold steel,
soaps, candles, yard goods, trims, and just everything are greatly
appreciated by the Barony and will be appreciated as well by the

We ask that all prizes be turned in by May 15, if at all possible.  I
will be present at the May business meeting in the event you wish to meet
with me and make your donation.  If I need to meet with you to pick up
your donation, please let me know.

For more particulars, please contact me directly.

Fionnuala (Nuala) of Arkum
(MKA Elizabeth Peters)
lizdenpeters at
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