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Phelippe Descors descors at
Sat Apr 21 18:38:11 PDT 2001

Greetings all,

Would the following people please contact me, (Kinda long)

Dona Isobel (and/or Amerinda)
Lord Elias McKrea (spelling)
Centurion Airaklee Wolf
Lord Dunstan
Lord Yoshiie Hokomori
Lord Edward Mercer
Lord Arodonn of Falconrose
Lady Mara of Rede
Anne Dragonslayer
Lady Genivieve de la Gamba (sp)
Lady Disiree of Dragonsfire Tor
Jarl Timotheous and/or Countess Allison
Don Duncan Hepburn
Margarite and Alisdar of the Steppes
Lady Mag D' Leigh
Baroness Dana
Lady Bice
Don Brendan McEwen
Lord Ingve of York
Viscount Alexander and Vicountess Katya
Last but not least, Margarite of Rosenfeld (All I can say about her is that 
she is in the youth rapier program for Rosenfeld)

Thank you,

     Lord Phelippe Descors
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