ANST - Fw: [SCA-MissileCombat] BoD ruling on the SEM policy change (APD/ABD)

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Sun Apr 22 20:51:12 PDT 2001

This just in.  Why am I not surprized?

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> Greetings!
> I received an email of the results, with a confirmation.  Here is the gist
> of the meeting:
> "The Board confirmed Eringlen's policy decision, and will review it at the
> October board meeting.  They left it open for kingdoms that have been
> successful with screens in helmets (like I guess An Tir has been) to make
> their case at that time.  This was the last item of business; they put it
> off because I gather they had received something like 300 pieces of e-mail
> on this topic just since Eringlin's letter came out, and they expected to
> a lot of debate on it."

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