ANST - Culture Camps: A return to tradition

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Mon Apr 23 11:03:47 PDT 2001

Greetings to all good gentles of Ansteorra, from Lady Afan
  ferch Elystan and Lady Medb Liath, Stewards of Elfsea Defender.

  Are you a Mongol, trying to get people to understand the beauty of

  Are you a Celt, creating beautiful artwork the Knowne World 

  Perhaps you have just returned from the Crusades, and you have
stories to tell of your adventures.

  This year we are returning to one of Elfsea Defenders favored
by bringing back Culture Camps!

  In order to achieve this goal, and create an ambiance for all to
  enjoy, we
need volunteers to coordinate the camps. This is your opportunity to
work with others of like mind, and to create a piece of your world for
all to experience.

  Please contact one (or both) of the event stewards to find out more,
  or to
volunteer to be a camp coordinator. We would like to get the
coordinators in place as soon as possible so we can get the
information onto the upcoming web site. Get your culture 

  In Service to the Dream and Dreamers,

  Lady Afan ferch Elstan (grrhine at
  Lady Medb Liath (rhays at
  Stewards, Elfsea Defender

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