Marguerite marguerite at
Mon Apr 23 11:22:00 PDT 2001

> To the wonderful populace of Ansteorra. We are all blessed I hope this =
> missive researches everyone in good heath. I am excited about the up =
> coming events. I am also excited that the Kingdom membership has =
> increased by 100 new poeple.
> Thank you to all of those great people who have purchased your =
> membership and support your kingdom. We will be regionalizing the =
> kingdom membership drives into each region. Therefore I will be =
> excepting applications for those who would like to help with Kingdom =
> Membership drives in your region. Please fill out the application for =
> kingdom office, with a copy of a current membership, and your drivers =
> licenses, with letters of recommendations. Please mail them to the =
> address below. WE will be excepting one person from each region to help =
> with the membership drives.=20
> Also I will be at Elfsea Spring Faire this weekend holding membership =
> drive in morning to mid-afternoon. If you would like to purchase your =
> membership, I will be in the yellow and black round pavilion on the side =
> of the list field. Checks and credit cards will be excepted.  Again =
> thank you for the support you have shown this Great Kingdom in getting =
> your memberships.=20
> Thank you for your time, Lady Marguerite des Fleur
222 North Main, Lumberton, Tx. 77567

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