ANST - archery auction donations

Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at
Mon Apr 23 14:00:16 PDT 2001

I have a nice five-lobe viking sword I can donate.  Just let me know when 
and where it has to be.


>From: LrdWayland at
>Reply-To: ansteorra at
>To: ansteorra at
>Subject: Re: ANST - Is it worth it?? (was - Archery Safety?)
>Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 15:05:27 EDT
>Let me know when it will be held. I can "cobble up" a few bronze cloakpins,
>torcs, armbands and some pewter medallions. Hmm I think I have some spears
>for equestrian games too that I'll donate for auction.

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