ANST-Announce - Mini Siege Weapons Competition

neil starkey raimonddemora at
Wed Jan 3 04:30:45 PST 2001

Unto all the Kingdom, Greetings.

There has been much noise made about Seige Weapons being made for the Gulf 
War effort.  I have been thinking about this and have decided to have a 
Little fun with this.  Therefore, at Elfsea Spring Faire in April (see 
Kingdom Calendar for exact dates), I, HL Raimond de Mora, will beng 
sponsoring a Mini Siege Weapons Competition.

For explaination, Seige weapons are catapults, ballista, trebuchet, and the 
like.    Let me define "Mini".  To qualify for this competition, your seige 
weapon not can be larger than an 18 inch cubed space.  If your are building 
a catapult or trebuchet, only the arm can extend beyond the bounderies of 
this cubed space.  The projectile for catapults and trebuchets will be gulf 
balls.  If you are building a ballista, then you must make the projectiles 
porportionate to the weaponed.  Ballista projectile tips must be padded 
(similer to what you would use at Gulf Wars).  Building material is at your 
descretion, however, we are a historical organization.  Prizes will be 
awarded for the following catagories: Apperance, Aaccuracy, Distance, and 
possibly other items.   If this sounds like fun to you and you are 
interested in more information, please contact me at 
raimonddemora at  Also, if you are planning to enter this 
competition, please conact me so I know how many people I can possibly 
expect.  I will be happy to answer any questions.  Hope to see you there.

Foolish Elfsean in Service
HL Raimond George de Mora
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