ANST - Gulf War

Fearghus lordfearghus at
Sat Jan 6 07:29:18 PST 2001

Greetings to the Archers of Ansteorra,

Gulf War is just a few short weeks away. Preparations must be made. As with
the Chivalric fighters no combat archery authorizations will be made at the
war. So if you want to shoot, please get authorized before hand. I will be
at the Border Wars event and will be available for this. Arrows, at the war
remember to have your arrows inspected. I have devised a method of knowing
whether your arrows have been through an Ansteorran inspection. We had some
failures last year on improperly seated and attached Baldar Blunts. If I or
any of my Marshals see Ansteorran Archers on the field with un-inspected
arrows, they will be removed.  One last item hand protection. Remember a
full gauntlet on the bow hand, and a half gauntlet on the string hand. Armor
regulations will be enforced. We are at war to have a good time, but a safe
time. If anyone has any questions please contact me.

In Service to Kingdom and the dream,

Ld Fearghus MacKenna
Kingdom Archery Marshal

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