ANST - Hide your women...Here comes the Baronial Troll!

Heather Ault htault at
Mon Jan 8 13:03:59 PST 2001

Unto the populace of Ansteorra doth Lady Eleanor
Clevely send greetings!

The time has come, good gentles, to roll up thy
sleeves and sign up for Baronial Artisan Troll Duty! 

(insert groans here)

Oh, come now. It's not that bad. All I need is an hour
of your time and a smile. In return, you'll have my
gratitude and perhaps some refreshments to boot. We
will have fun, fun, FUN!

A Baronial Troll sign-up email will be forthcoming.
So, be generous with your time and serve your kingdom

In service,
Lady Eleanor Cleavely
Captain of the Troll
Elfsea Baronial Artisan

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. 
     ---- Measure for Measure. Act ii. Sc. 1. 456

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