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> Greetings,
>    The word of war is swiftly spreading amongst the southern Kingdoms
> This year we will be having the second annual "Archers Only" Battle at the
> War of the Gulf.  The battle gives Combat Archers from all over the known
> world a chance to come together and display thier skills on the field
> against others of their ilk.  The battle, which is fought in 3 rounds,
> be held at the Ravine on that Friday at 3:30.
> The two teams will be made up as last year.  Trimaris vrs Ansteorra with
> remaining Kingdoms archers balancing out the teams.  Should it be
> that the battle be worth a war point, then the remaining Kingdoms archers
> will join with their respective allied Kingdom.
> Round 1: 10 minutes, limited to 15 arrows per person.  Total number of
> kills, most kills win.
> Round 2: 10 minutes, all the arrows you have.  Total number of kills, most
> kills win.
> Round 3: 15 minutes, all the arrows you have, ressurection.  Total number
> kills, most kills win.  When killed, check in at point and return to same
> team home base as starting.
> All combat archery rules for the war apply.
> I am again asking anyone who is Combat Archery Marshall authorized to
> volunteer your services for at least one of the rounds.  Total number of
> Marshall's will be determined by the number of participants in the battle.
> If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
> May your arrows fly true.
> Yours in service,
> Ld. Brendan Ackburne
> Combat Archers Battle GWX
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