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Though some of you receiving this live a little ways away, if you
just happen to be in the area during this time period... it looks fun
to do. Contact Kirsten Crouse at kirsten at for further information. 
HE Chrystal

Howdy All
I was hoping that you would not mind posting the following
information on all SCA related sites and forwarding it to any
interested parties.
It is my hope to include and increase the SCA presence in more of
the shows and workshops.
There is a tribal troupe in Houston that I am trying to get contact
info on to extend to them a special invitation. Any thoughts?

Here is the info:

This is an invitation to all Drummers and Dancers in the Known
World. As you may have heard Carolena Nerricchio herself and members of
FCBD will be in Houston Texas Feb 02-04 for a Tribal Workshop and
Tribal Get-Away Weekend

In conjunction with the dance workshop, there will also be a Tribal
Drumming Technique workshop Sat 11:30 - 12:30 PM  and
Sun 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM.
The cost for BOTH days of the drum workshop is only $25.00 before
Jan 15th and $35.00 after.

All aspects of the workshop - dancing, and drumming - are open to
all no matter what skill level. You are also invited to come to the
incredible show Sat Feb 03, 2001 that will feature the top
performers of Tribal and Middle Eastern dance from all over the
United States. Show tickets are $12.00 before Jan 15th and $15.00

I have included the bios of the drum instructors so that you may
make an informative decision about the drum workshop.
I have also included a list of vendors at the bottom who will be at
the workshop for those who might need to pick up something extra for
their personae. For more info please contact

Terrence Karn's Bio:
Terrence Karn has been playing music for dancers and composing for a
wide variety of theatrical venues for 25 years. His experience as a
dancer and musician has come from many diverse and respected
sources.  Terrence has studied and trained at such respected
institutions as the Ali Akbar College, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Teatro
Rue Canada, and the Children's Theater of Minneapolis. Terrence has
continued his studies with master teachers from around the world;
Sri Diam Ali Qudri, Sri Natya Raja Ram, Kyra Nijinsky, Gwen Verdon,
Marcel Marceau, Nikolai Zurkovin, Celso Maldinado, and Marcus Tula
Khan Wise to name a few.
Performing internationally, Terrence Karn most recently composed a
performance piece for Travesty Dance Company in New York.  Along
with the responsibilities being a performer and co-Director for Gypsy
Dance Theater, Terrence also works with a variety of ethnic bands as
a featured musician. Terrence has released two CDs and has another
on the way. His music can be heard on
Terrence has taught workshops for people of all ages and backgrounds
including those with special needs. Terrence will be teaching again
at Bates Dance Festival  and creating new music for internationally
acclaimed artists. He currently teaches Character Dance at The
Houston Ballet Academy and The American Russian Cultural Exchange;
and is the music director for the U of H Dance Dept. and Rice Dance

Ken Knezick's Bio:
Ken Knezick began his musical career in adolescence, training as a
boy soprano at Westminster Choir College. In his own college years he
went on to perform with the Rutgers Glee Club and the Rutgers Symphony
Chorale, singing on multiple occasions in Carnegie Hall and, in
celebration of its 25th Anniversary; in the General Assembly of the
United Nations.
Running parallel with his classical training, Ken learned the
mandolin from his father, Thomas Knezick, and performed in bluegrass
and folk music ensembles around the U.S.A. Coming to Houston in
1977, Ken began to sing with the Houston Symphony Chorale, and to
perform upon the mando-cello with the Houston Balalaika Society,
Greg Harbar's Gypsies, and the Ukrainian Dancers of Houston.
In 1978, Ken began a cherished position as Master of Ceremonies and
lead drummer for the belly dance troupe at the Texas Renaissance
Festival, a job that he continues to fill today, some 23 years
In 1999, Ken Knezick and Terrance Karn began to assemble the
musicians, dancers, and repertoire of Gypsy Dance Theatre. Now entering 
their third year with Gypsy Dance Theatre, Ken and Terrence continue to
explore an amalgam of ancient and contemporary rhythms, music, and


1. Kruz from New Orleans:
many of us receive his monthly emails to keep us going. He has been
instrumental in bringing the dance community through the south,
east, north and west together on a central list and flow of
information. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year in New life has been better for it. His wares include the
largest video and music collection I have seen in one place. He also
specializes in henna products and many treasures from "Morocco to

2. Desert Dancer Imports from Dallas/Fort Worth area:
Daungerous vended with us at Kira. Many of us bought costumes,
bells, tribal accessories from her. In addition she will have many
of the fabulous things she brought with her back in November!

3. Megha Moon Mendhi:
will be providing henna art on body and on natural skinned
instruments. Want to personalize your drum, bring it and choose a
design or create one for yourself and the mendhi masters will create
it for you. They will also be available for henna body art. Their
work is amazing!
Megha has brought as much as she could learn through her
travels back for our enjoyment and amazement.

4. Massage by Maia!:
Our very own massage therapist will have a new line of bath and body
products to enhance whichever moment you wish! She will also be
available for massage through-out the workshop...chair massage,
table massage body wraps and a variety of other tantalizing treats will be 
available. The stress of your every day lives could be transformed
into a can those muscle aches and pains form having your
butt kicked by Carolena!!

5. Flying Skirts:
will bring a collection of tribal accessories and costumes available
through Fat Chance Belly Dance. Many of us have shopped
we get to touch, feel and love the experience in person. Buy their
videos, and music as well!

6. Joanie Tilton:
will dazzle us with one of a kind tribal accessories
and jewelry. Her collection of jewelry will astound you. She has an
accessory for everything form belts to bras to head-dresses to ears.
You name it, she can accessorize it! Many of us have seen her wares
on the dance circuit in other cities. Nnow she is in Houston's

7. Tatika:
will dazzle us with everything from tribal to cabaret and from the
"glitzy" to "dynamic." She is also well known on the circuit for her
commitment to quality wares for the dancer in form and the dancer at
heart. I have no doubt that she will bring a special spin to the
workshop from which we can all benefit!

8. Lucia's Garden:
Lucia cam to Kira's workshop and brought that "New Age" touch. Her
books on dancing, spirituality through rhythm,  dance history,
goddess philosophy and the like was something that was cool to
experience. We are hoping she will come again with a full line of
book, tarot cards, goddess products, candles and the many wonderful
things we all drive into the loop to buy from her shop.

9. Asheara's Hand:
Asheara will have her incredible hand painted silk veils and silk
creations on hand. Her veils are not just an accessory but dance
partners that are art in motion.

10. Cartouche from Lawrence, Kansas:
Belly Dancing costumes, accessories, jewelries, musical instruments,
MUSIC, gift items from the Middle East and GOLD/SILVER/DIAMOND
jewelries. An incredible selection.
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