ANST - good cooking resource book

Rhonda New rbnew at
Thu Jan 11 07:44:25 PST 2001

Wow!  Thanks for the tip.
Did you purchase it online or at the store?

/Ly Elizabeth Hawkwood
(sshhh!  :"they" think I'm working!)

willow taylor wrote:

> Hi  everyone  this is willow
> I just got a  new  book at   Barnes and Nobles. It is called 'Acquired
> Taste, the French Origins  of  Modern Cooking"  by T. Sarah Peterson.  It
> is a  wonderful  resource book  giving  detail  essays on  ancient,
> medieval, Renaissance  and modern  cooking.. It even touches on the
> medical use of  food. It  is  at half  price  right  now so it  costs
> about  five dollars.
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