ANST - Bring your scrolls to Coronation!

Koch, Kimberly (MKS) Kimberly.Koch at
Thu Jan 11 13:45:56 PST 2001

Hi all,

This is just a brief reminder that I will have a scanner and laptop with me
at Coronation so that I can scan whatever original scrolls you might have
(whether you are the creator or the recipient) for the new Ansteorran
Scribal Webpage. We will take color copies of original scrolls as well.

Many of you promised me scrolls last weekend at Steppes 12th Night, and I'm
looking forward to seeing you this weekend with scrolls in hand. I know who
you are, I can find out where you live, and I promise if you don't bring me
scrolls this weekend, I will hunt you down until I get them. I mean that
with the utmost of affection, of course. :)

My thanks to Ches, our webmaster; and to all of you for your help in
creating this tribute to the talented artists of our fair kingdom.  

See you soon!

Warm regards,
Sara Penrose
Star Signet
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