ANST-Announce - Candlemas Heavy Fighting - IMPORTANT

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Tue Jan 16 18:18:05 PST 2001

A few words on the heavy list at Bryn Gwlad Candlemas:

Armor inspection will begin at 11 AM. The day's fighting will be divided
into two parts. The first part, running from approximately noon to 1 PM,
will be a challenge list. After a break (15-20 minutes), the winners of
the challenge list will serve as captains for a team resurrection melee.
This melee will be conducted ON HORSEBACK. Hobby horses, that is. Horses
should have bodies of strong wood or rattan, with heads of soft material
(foam or stuffed fabric), and will be inspected before the melee.
Footmen will be allowed to participate, but must move on their knees to
allow for the greater speed of horsemen, so a horse is a desirable
thing. The winning team will be determined by their use of tactics to
achieve a goal which I will announce at the event.

I am also asking for donations of largesse to be given out to the
winning team. Please contact me off-list if you wish to donate

In Service,
Donal O Dochartaigh
"Reality is infinite. Therefore everything you experience is, in some
sense, real. But since your experiences can only be a small part of 
this infinity, they are merely a map of it, merely a metaphor; there
is always an infinity of possible experiences still unexplored. What
you know, therefore, may be true as far as it goes, but it cannot be
Whole Truth, for there is always infinitely further to go."
--- Aidan Kelly
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