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Suzanne Powell suzanne_powell at
Fri Jan 19 11:54:15 PST 2001

Greetings, Signora.

Unfortunately, I do not know this Steve Hendricks of whom you speak.  However,
you have an excellent Stargate dance reference in the person of Madame
Perronnelle.  She is Stargate's dance guild mistress and has done much research
and reconstruction.  She can be reached by email at charlene at

-- Suzanne

--- folksinger <folksinger at> wrote:
> Does anyone have a way of getting a hold of Steve Hendricks?
> I know he's heavily into dance - Any information would be GREATLY
> appreciated.
> Signora Mirella di Bastianni
> Ward to Duke Sigmund the Wingfooted
> Stargate in the Kingdom of Ansteorra
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Lady Suzanne de la Ferté  
Stargate/Westgate, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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