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Mistress Xene Theriane here:

Yes, Steve Hendricks is known in the SCA as Master Samuel Piper.  Master
Samuel has moved to Atlantia, but I will forward this request to him.

Master Samuel does dance music more than dance itself.  If you are looking
for a dance teacher and researcher, I would recommend to you my own
apprentice, HL Philip White.  He is the seneschal for the College of
ThreeBridges and teaches all over the Knowne World. I am also forwarding
this message to him privately.

I hope this is helpful to you.


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Does anyone have a way of getting a hold of Steve Hendricks?
I know he's heavily into dance - Any information would be GREATLY

Signora Mirella di Bastianni
Ward to Duke Sigmund the Wingfooted
Stargate in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

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