ANST - To their former Royal Majesties Timo and Allyson

Mikaela De Sevilla MikaelaOfWestgate at
Sat Jan 20 11:37:04 PST 2001

I know I am a little late and you must excuse my tardiness as I am in
another country.

Congratulations on the reign that I was privelaged to see.  I bow deeply
before you as being thankful I had the opportunity to serve you.
(Allyson, I am sorry but I cannot help but to cry remembering all the lovely
times I have had with you and your family.  Esp. the children.)  My only
regret was not being able to stay long enough to see you all through.  I
have not had a
chance yet to begin to play again here but will try this feb.  I miss all of
you deeply.  I mean it too, I really miss all of you, the kingdom being
included.  You are a few among the many who have touched my life so deeply
and I will forever be changed.  Hopefully James and I will have the money to
return to Ansteorra for a short visit in a mere two years.  There were
people in your reign who wouldn't even know it or me but I remember them and
the impact they have made on my mind.

(For all those who have helped me in my troubled times small as well as
big, Thank You.  There are people whose names I know not that have
affected my life simply by smiling or saying hello.  You will all be a
part of me.)

Safe journeys to you.  My other family.  My love is with you always.

Mikaela de Sevilla
In service from afar to my Kingdom forever
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