0zy Adams ozy10 at
Mon Jan 22 21:35:36 PST 2001

>  Greetings,
>  I apologize for any cross postings. At the Kings Champion tournament this
> past weekend a great sword was found near Centurion Gustav's pavillion,
> obviously left in haste to pack. The sword is taped with black and white
> friction tape,six foot or so, and has exceptionally nice metal quillions.
> It can now be found riding around in my truck.
> I am sure that whomever lost this fine weapon must be worried sick and
> be exceptionally relieved and grateful to have it returned safely (with
> exception of the small bits left on the field of Bonwicke this weekend).
> Thank you..
>  Keine ruhe fur die Bosen.
> Centurion Erasmus Todengraber
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