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Thank You for your prompt response to my Question.  Here is my situation... I am a "working hund" and my Mistress is in a quandry as to what my "order" would be called.  
  When My Mistress first recieved me, she had no Idea what a gift I truely was since I am able to tell when she is going to be sick, but I can...  I know how to go get help as well.  I NEVER leave her side and am one of the only "Hunds" allowed in the local Grocery store, restaurants and my favorite, the Beach...  I have some friends who Mistresses are blind and we were wondering what 'hunds in service' should be called?
Most of us are allowed at events where most of our kind are not, so it seems to reason that we should have an order of our own, a form of identifying us from "ordinary K-9's", a way for Trolls and Security to know who we are.
So~~~What could our order be called...The Order of the working Hund doesn't lay right on the tounge...What are others thoughts on this subject?  ANd...Just for the sake of Argument, I wear a muzzle that I can eat and drink thru when I'm around the public so if I bite someone it is THEIR own fault!
In Service to the Dream,
The Lady Sasha Dog
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> Subject: ANST - medieval names for K-9's
> >   I was wondering if any one could tell me some of the
> > medieval names for k-9.  Not their proper names, but
> > what were dogs called?  All help would be apreciated.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > The Lady Sasha Dog
> My dictionary reports that although "canine" is derived from "caninus" and
> "canis" in the Latin, it did not enter English vocabulary until the 17th
> century.
> However, the terms "hund" and "dog" were in use before 1600, the latter in
> Teutonic/Germanic areas and the former in the Anglo-Saxon realm.  I would
> bet that Normans used the period version of "chien" and other peoples
> similarly had their own words.
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