ANST - Lindisfarne Missive

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Thu Jan 25 11:00:26 PST 2001

On this 25th day of January in the year of our Lord 793,
Brother Ambrose sends this missive from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Brother Oswain,
    It is my prayer that this epistle finds its way safely into your
hands.  Our beloved Bishop Eadfrith indeed was most kind to include it
upon his visit to your abbey.  He promises to convey my thanks for the
parchment skins and inks you sent last month.  They have proven to be a
great blessing in our illumination of the gospels.  Although the light
provided by these winter days is brief, our labors are progressing quite
well. The healing salves you requested are in the leather satchel.
However, it us upon another matter that I must now direct this quill.
    I am writing to advise you of Brother Aidan's dreams.  On many
nights since Martinmas, Brother Aidan has been plagued by nightmares.
Repeatedly he has awoken in a state of great agitation, speaking of
dreadful apparitions. In a manner most distraught, he recounts vivid
visions of dragon-prowed vessels with sails that darken the rising sun.
He describes warriors clad in linked rings putting all before them to
fire and sword.  Oswain, you have known Brother Aidan for many seasons.
What incubus could be haunting him?  What potion could I craft to soothe
his slumbers?  I fear these horrific dreams have begun to disturb the
thoughts of others in our monastery.  I must admit I am not the only one
troubled by his visions.

    Until Bishop Eadfrith returns with your reply, may St. Cuthbert and
our blessed Saviour watch over and keep you.

    In humble service to the Almighty,
    Brother Ambrose

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