ANST - Medieval Names for K-9's

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Thu Jan 25 19:23:18 PST 2001


That's "Jagdstaffel", or "Hunting Relay" (sorry, rough translation, but
sometimes that's all you can do), was the term for the flying group that
was headed by The Baron.  He learned his trade from the knees of Oswald
Boelcke and Max Immelman.  Damned impressive group, for sure.  But I'm
out of my time, this time, anyway...

Flying with the Valkrye again...

"KTMC- AM 14 & ROCK 105.1 FM" wrote:
> How about Hundstaffel?
>    Staffel, although I am not knowledgable to it's origins was a tem
> used as part of the aircraft organizational designation system in WWI.
> As in Jagsstaffel (sp?) Memory is not exact, but it seems to have been
> the equivalent of a wing or a squadron.
>    Valstarr
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