ANST - Ansterorran Squires egroup has been started--opps second try.

GuyLestran at GuyLestran at
Fri Jan 26 14:09:00 PST 2001

Hi all I thought this would help us all communicate a little better and help 
each other out a bit.   

the link is............<A 

Any squire is invited to join.  I'd like to apologize to any who might take 
offense to the group just being open to squires, no slight is meant to 
anyone.  And this is of course not to imply that squires are any better then 
anyone else or have any sort of silly ranking or anything, it's just a badge 
of learning and service (well in my view at least).

In Service.

Guy LeStrange.

Below is the description that's under the group name.

This group is for the squires of Anstreorra freely pass information to both 
improve themselves and the kingdom.  Squires joining this group should state 
who there knight is in their initial email so we know who everyone is.  The  
group is only open to squires at this point.  This group is to pass along 
and share ideas on where we are and how we might want to get were we're 
going.  It is not a place to talk about how great our knight's are (we all 
know how great our knights are already), though passing along ideas are fine. 
  I'd like to use this as a place where we can bounce ideas off each other 
and use them to improve ourselves. As members of the group are knighted they 
will be removed from the list (there's another group for them).   

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