ANST - Additional Information Concerning Group Reservations for Gulf War

Brian and Pam Martin twinoak at
Fri Jan 26 20:38:45 PST 2001

Greetings All,

I apologize for the multiple emails and for any cross postings, but I =
want to make certain that everyone receives the proper information.=20

last night I sent information detailing how groups can reserve land =
inside of the Ansteorran encampment. In that email, I failed to mention =
anything about pavilion space for the groups. I am trying to arrange =
matters so we can reserve land for pavilions, but I can make no =
guarantees at this time. In fact, I may not be certain about pavilions =
until I arrive on site.=20

Having said that, it will help me reserve land for pavilions if I know =
how many groups plan to bring them. So if your group wishes to bring a =
pavilion, please include that information when you send the group land =
request. Please include the dimensions of the pavilion with the rest of =
the information.

Again, if anyone has any questions, email me privately and I will make =
sure that you get answers.

Thanks very much. In service to Crown and Kingdom,
Ansteorran Liaison, GW X
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