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Sun Jan 28 07:00:52 PST 2001

"A Christian" (obviously) wrote:
> On this 27th day of January in the year of our Lord 793,
> Brother Oswain sends this missive from Melrose Abbey
> Brother Ambrose,
>         Bishop Eadfrith did indeed deliver your message.  Having read it, I am
> immediately compelled to put ink to paper.  Bishop Eadfrith assures me
> that my reply will be speedily delivered to you.
>         The dreams that afflict Brother Aidan I too find most disturbing.  His
> visions of dragon-prowed ships and bloodthirsty brigands should be given
> our full consideration.  

"Bloodthirsty brigands"???  Personally, I prefer mead to blood.  And if
you have a problem with the headpiece of our ships, take it up with Odin
and Freya.  You'll be seeing them soon enough...

> However, I do not think his dreams are the
> result of some discontented spirit, but may truly be a warning from
> Heaven.

"...a warning from Heaven"?  Surely, one of your people is gifted from
the Voluspa!  And have some snacks ready when 'visitors' come calling...

> Here is my reasoning.
>         Remember last winter, on the feast day of St. Lucy, all witnessed the
> Moon's transformation into a crimson orb that so frightened many of the
> brethren? Not long thereafter, recall the ghostly comet that for two
> months blazed in the west after the sun had gone to his rest.  Aristotle
> teaches that such eclipses and comets are portents of unusual evil and
> disorder.  To those dreadful apparitions I now must add what Prior
> Gerard saw in the heavens only three nights ago.

And you Christians call US 'superstitious'...

>         After Compline, Prior Gerard witnessed a great firedrake streak through
> the stars, leaving in its path a shower of glowing sparks.

Did this 'firedrake' have a name?  Most of them do.  If he/she didn't
stop long enough to leave a name (or forwarding address) you're pretty
safe.  Silly Christians...

> To him it
> appeared as if a great celestial sword was slashing the entire
> firmament.

Maybe someone's been in the sacrimental wine a bit too much, eh?

> This searing brand came out of the north, a direction well
> suited for the approach of evil.

Why?  Why does 'evil' come from the north?  Does good come from the
south?  What comes from the east?  Malcontents?  How about from the
west?  Naughty children?  Sheesh...

> Could it be that these omens and the
> dreams of Brother Aidan are somehow intertwined?

Only if he was partaking of the 'funny looking mushrooms'.  Typical
monks - blame it on anything that looks interesting...

> I have posed this
> question to many in this cloister and they too are troubled by the
> possibility.

You're talking to a bunch of people who have not had sex in a LONG
while.  They are GOING to have weird explanations for ANY event...

> In return for the healing salves you provided, accept these beeswax
> candles.  Light them before the shrine of St. Cuthbert.  

Ok, ok, lemme guess:  he's the "Patron Saint of Bees", right?  Must be,
from the beeswax candles...  silly Christians...

> In that blessed
> illumination recite your most fervent prayers for our protection.
>         May the Lord watch over us all,
>         Brother Oswain
>         Melrose Abbey

Silly Christians.  You know, you folks look good in the color "red"...

Hee hee hee...

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