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Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Thu Mar 1 08:48:32 PST 2001

Greetings unto all the Fighters and there Consorts that will participate in
the Crown lists of Ansteorra, from Master Richard Fairbourne, Kingdom

This year in effort to reduce time spent filling out paperwork and speed up
the start of this years Crown Tourney, there Majesties and I would like to
make the following option available to all those that would care  to use it.

If you know you and your consort are going to participate in Crown Tourney
this weekend, in the Shire of Emerald Keep, and you don't want to wait to
fill out paperwork send your information to me via email.

I will take the information submitted by you, type it in on the crown list
entry form, and verify the information. You do not need to send  your
membership number, as I have the most current member print out from
corporate. If there is a problem I will notify you as soon as possible. If
all the information meets the guidelines as set forth by kingdom law, you
will only need to show me your fighter authorization card and sign the crown
list paperwork. Those of you who have filled out your crown list paperwork,
know what a chore and time consuming experience this can be. 


I will still bring forms with me to Crown Tourney to fill out on site.

This measure is to make things easier for you and speed up the start time
for Crown Tourney.

Also once you and your consort are on file, it will be that much easier to
send an email to me for the next crown tourney.

IF you are interested please send the following information via email
Mundane Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Last office held and for how long (Date span) Total officer time must equal
a year.*
Have you lived in the kingdom longer than a year?*

Thank you all

Master Richard Fairbourne

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