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I don't know anything about the topic, but unless a member of the SCA
requested action like this, I don't think the Board would
spontaneously act.

The references that I found were as follows:

Corpora VII.A.3.b. Degradation and Reinstatement. The Board reserves
the right to degrade a person from the Peerage. However, kingdom law
may define conditions and procedures under which a recommendation for
such action may be made to the Board. Unless stipulated otherwise by
the Board, the Board's decision in such a case applies only to the
matter at hand, and nothing prohibits a person who has been degraded
from any order of the peerage from being elevated to the peerage at a
later date, should the Crown determine that the person in question now
meets the requirements of VII.A.1&4.

Kingdom Law Section 3.2.6.  The Court of Chivalry shall be the only
court that can recommend the degradation of any award or title.

You can find these documents at:


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>   After the information concerning my friend Sir Badon was recently
on the
> list,  I started to thinking.   What will be Badon's status within
the SCA if
> he looses his appeal?  Will he loose his membership? ( I hope not )
Will he
> loose his belt? ( I hope not ).  Will he even be allowed to play
within the
> SCA? ( I hope so).  Can anyone quote Corpora on this issue?
> Baron Bors

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