ANST - Items Left at Crown

Waylon Moorefield waylonm at
Mon Mar 5 07:42:03 PST 2001

    I would like to say thank you to each and everyone who braved the
Scottish style weather at Emerald Keep to watch the new Heirs rise and
take their rightful place.  To each fighter I say thank you for pouring
your heats into each and every round your Honor and valor should make
your homeland proud.
    There was some items left at the sight , mostly  the small devices
for the honor board. We have them at the shire and you are more than
welcome to come and retrieve them at the Tourney of the Emeralds 3-30-01
through 4-1-01. We will be choosing our new champions in Chivalric,
Rapier, Artisan, Bard, and Archery (Just a plug for the event) or you
can contact Ld Alan Lynch at hal3547 at or my self at
waylonm at   once again thank you for making a wet and
nasty weekend end up a wonderful event

Ld Eithin Mor of Havamal

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