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Mon Mar 5 14:24:29 PST 2001

Michael Gunter wrote:
> So, how about D/FW becoming a Principality?
> I'm thinking of pushing for an elected Crown.
> We need to have more firearms competitions at events.
> I think women, being all that is gentle and sweet, shouldn't
> fight because that's a man's duty. They should sit on the
> sidelines and help the men by giving them grapes.
> I think cooking should have its own Peerage.
> Big Dumb Gunthar

Intereesting... Veery interesting.

I think there's a file in the FOOD section of my Florilegium with
just this situation in mind:
whole-pig-msg     (25K)  9/29/00    Info. on roasting a whole pig.

Course, this one comes to mind also:
punishments-msg   (27K) 12/21/99    Period tortures, executions and

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