ANST - crown tourney pic's just out of the camera..

mcclure carey constable_sca at
Mon Mar 5 23:54:19 PST 2001

  To the Great Kingdom of Ansteorra, greetings and
happy returns. here is my gift to you all. May the
memories we share enrich us all to at higher plain....
my normal SCA pic's site is full but the over flow
area is being use this time. enjoy this labor of love
and vivat to the Crown, the new royals, the great
honor all that helped showed and thanks to all that
helped in anyway!!!!!
It did not look as if I would be able to attend, but
when an autocrat says help, the workers show up and
make the difference... 

vivat a very NICE DREAM I SHARE WITH YOU. now to gulf

ps..a cd with all current pics to date will be given
to the Crown by Viking days.  see crown
A,B,C and D.. yes it took that much space

other pic galleries are:

Connor mac Clure, Bryn Gwlad
aka Key Connor

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