ANST - Knight's Oaths, Part 3

willow taylor jonwillowpel at
Fri Mar 9 07:21:50 PST 2001

Dear Master Wulfic 

Thank you for your info. I haven't read Tirant Lo Blanc but I have it in
my library. This oath stresses the knight's loyalty to the King. There
has been some questions about the section of loyalty to country. In early
times king and country were almost the same so could an oath to support
one's country  still exist without having the same meaning as country in
the nationalism paradigm?

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001 06:52:46 -0600 "C. L. Ward"
<gunnora at> writes:
> More responses to Duchess Willow's question from the SCA-Laurels 
> List:
> Master Wulfric of Creigull <madbaker at> replied:
on the lips."
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