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Fri Mar 9 09:57:09 PST 2001

Jeremy Mauer wrote: 
> I am attempting to compose some Saxon poetry based
> upon Ansteorran history.  In my research, I am
> attemtping to find a list of all the Kings of
> Ansteorra and the years they reigned.  Is there an
> online resoruce for this information?

> Æsc on Cræcganforda

Others have pointed you to some lists available on the Ansteorra

I'm not sure which other points of Ansteorra history you are
interested in bringing out, but perhaps these files, which can be
found in the SCA-STORIES section of my Florilegium files might be
of interest:
Anst-hist-msg    (128K)  9/22/98    Histories of the Kingdom of
Anst-sword-msg    (25K)  2/17/99    Histories of the Ansteorran Sword of

I also have a bunch of additional info to add to the first file. If
there is interest I will try to move that up in the priority list and
get it done, although Gulf Wars may delay that.

The Florilegium is on the web at:

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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