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Tim Lozos sirtimo at
Fri Mar 9 13:40:32 PST 2001

Hi Daniel!

>I recently received my chirurgeon card and patch and look forward to
>donating my time at GulfWars. Question, can I wear my chirurgeon badge
>on a belt streamer if I'm not on duty? Will someone please advise me.

In our Kingdom, wearing a badge like a "favor" means that you are an 
apprentice.  You, of course, as a Warranted Chirurgeon may wear the badge of 
office on anything you'd like...but as a dangly thingy it has a dual 

I occasionally wear my baldric tucked into my belt to hang down, with the 
fleem showing...when I'm not on "duty".  This is helpful especially at war 
so people know who you are.

Please introduce yourself to me at War, and please bring a copy of your 
Certifications with you, with your membership card.  All Chirurgeons and 
Apprentices will be checked by War Chirurgeons!

Thanks, and see ya at War!

Countess Allyson Tymmes
Kingdom Chirurgeon, Master Chirurgeon

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